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These Courses combine General English and (ESP) They are for Companies, Training Organisations and Defence Forces. Training managers: tell us what you need your trainees to know in English and ‘ELC’’ will do the rest. These courses are taught through content specifically related to the subject you require e.g. oil and gas industry, engineers and technicians, ICAO (Aviation) Operational level 4, Telecoms, etc. The objective of this course is for Trainees to familiarise themselves with the terminology and specialist vocabulary needed in English for their subject to enable them to go on to join Company or Defence Forces Training in the UK. This will allow for positive ‘Continuity of Training’ to take place, save time and costs.

Entry Date:Any Monday
Minimum Duration:1 Week
Maximum Duration:Open
Timetable: 9:30-12:30 / 13:15-15:15 or 17:00
Hours Per Week:25 or 32.5
Description:For Trainees to familiarise themselves with the terminology and specialist vocabulary needed in English
Level: From CEFR B1
Class Size:Groups from 4 – 12 / One to One
Price:Price Quotation On Request


I have a great memory of all at ‘ELC’, excellent teachers, friendly staff and meeting lots of new friends.

Gabriela, Italy 5th March 2015

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Term / Semester Dates 2023

Winter / Spring TermOpen 9th January, closed 7th April
Easter vacationClosed 7th April, open 17th April
Summer / Autumn Term17th April until 9th December
National Public Holidays7th & 10th April, 1st, 8th & 29th May, 28th August.
20248th January 2024

CEFR A1+ False Beginner, CEFR A2 Low Elementary, CEFR B1 Pre-Intermediate, CEFR B2 Standard Intermediate, CEFR B2+ Upper Intermediate.

Payment Methods :

‘ELC’ English accepts payment for tuition fees and accommodation by:
1. Direct online Bank Transfer: The ‘ELC’ invoice will show all the relevant banking information so you can make the transfer easily.
2. Cheque drawn on a UK based Bank made payable to:
3. Payment by a Friend:
Please, ask a friend, already in the UK, to make payment for you.
4. Western Union or Moneygram
5. Cash