Why Study at ELC?

ELC courses

I improved my English day after day. Thanks to ‘ELC’. Reading is a very nice town, great, lively and quiet. I chose ‘ELC’ as my best friend advised me. I would recommend ‘ELC’ as it is interesting to meet people from different countries and there read more...

Adrien, France 5th March 2015

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These courses are designed for students and mature students wishing to improve their English language skills for general use.

Morning classes: development of speaking, listening, reading, writing, pronunciation practice and vocabulary as well as relevant grammar. All students take an ‘ELC’ online placement test together with a student profile needs analysis, to determine their level of ability in English. They then join the group appropriate to their level.

A Progress Test may be taken and must be passed before you move up a level. Alternatively you may be upgraded, by special recommendation, from your teacher.

Homework will be given at all levels to encourage self-study and academic discipline.

Au pairs and busy people may attend classes 2, 3, or 4 days per week. ‘ELC’ has a safe and secure private bicycle park.

Course content developing the following skills:

  • Active speaking.
  • Pronunciation correction and practice.
  • Listening comprehension with oral and written summary using audio systems.
  • Grammar, when relevant and structure of English.
  • Vocabulary development and expansion.
  • Development of spoken communicative social skills to build up confidence in speaking.
  • Reading comprehension development especially for examinations.
  • Writing development
  • Lots of discussions and role-plays.


Benefits – After your ‘ELC’ English course you will be able to:

  • Speak and communicate more effectively and confidently.
  • Speak and pronounce more accurately and fluently.
  • Expand and develop your vocabulary range.
  • Be able to socialise in English more efficiently.
  • Improve your chance of passing an exam e.g. IELTS, Cambridge.
  • Better able to follow and succeed at a University.
  • Learn skills through role-play for interviews, meetings and conferences.
  • Improve your chance of getting a job where English is necessary.