Accommodation in Reading

We can advise on independent student accommodation, hotels, guest houses and bed and breakfast (B&B). We understand that feeling comfortable, safe and secure in another country is a primary consideration for all students, their families and sponsors. Student Rooms.
Alternative Homestay:


‘ELC’ Homestay

For students from 18 years old.
‘ELC’ homestay availability is limited. On request students are placed in carefully selected host families up to 30 mins from ELC by bus. You can expect warm hospitality and a welcoming environment to ensure your stay and welfare is always considered, particularly an awareness of cultural differences and customs.

These arrangements provide opportunities to practise and increase the rate of progress in English Language Learning – “If you don’t speak you don’t eat!”

Politeness is expected from you in return. Try to always say, “Please”, “Thank you”, “Excuse me”, “Good morning/ Afternoon/ Evening” – these are used a lot in the UK!

** Room , breakfast and dinner ( minimum stay 2 weeks ) – £210 per week.
For students from 18 years old.

Alternative Homestay: Homestay Finder,, Home Stay In




I have a great memory of all at ‘ELC’, excellent teachers, friendly staff and meeting lots of new friends.

Gabriela, Italy 5th March 2015

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