Prices 2021

Students from 18 to 88 years old. Start on any date after completing the online application form.

Fees / Prices 2021 Timetable

Programme TimetableFees 2021
General English including IELTS & Cambridge exam preparation 15 hours per week9.30am – 12.30pm£90.00 per week
15 hours per week is acceptable by the UKVI for Student visas for 6 and 11 months
Au pairs and busy people may attend classes 2, 3, or 4 days per week. 'ELC' has a safe and secure private bicycle park.

This flexible concession is payable for 10 classes after you commence your studies.
Au pairs pay for 5 classes after commencing studies.
9.30am – 12.30pm
£18.00 per morning (3 hours)
Notes: There is NO registration fee , There are NO extra fees to pay
Non – EU students.
For up to 6 months visa

Minimum study period 12 weeks15 hours per week

Non - EU students.
For up to 11 months

period 32
15hours per week
‘ELC’ offers 2 types of visa:
Standard Visitor Visa – this visa is for visitors staying for less then 6 months and it allows you to attend an English language course that lasts less than 6 months.
Short-term study Visa ( 11 months ) – no work nor extension allowed.
‘ELC’ Does not provide CAS visas nor CAS numbers.
‘ELC’ Homestay accommodation, subject to availability: £185.00 per week.
Not available at present due to covid-19. For students from 18 years old.
(Room, breakfast and evening meal.)

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General English Courses – 15,12,9,6 hours per week

English For Special Purposes

Term / Semester Dates 2021

Winter / Spring Term11th January until 1st April
Easter vacation2nd April until 12th April
Summer / Autumn Term12th April until 10th December
National Public Holidays2nd & 5th April, 3rd & 31st May, 30th August
202210th January 2022

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‘ELC’ experience for me it has been an amazing experience because I'm confident person when I speak English with people. ‘ELC’ is a friendly school. I recommend ‘ELC’ because I hve learnt a lot, the teachers are very professional. Mr McBurney is a good man. read more...

Alison, Spain 5th March 2015

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‘Focus on IELTS / Cambridge exams’

Payment Methods :

‘ELC’ London Street accepts payment for tuition fees and accommodation by:
1. Direct online Bank Transfer: The ‘ELC’ invoice will show all the relevant banking information so you can make the transfer easily.
2. Cheque drawn on a UK based Bank made payable to:
3. Payment by a Friend:
Please, ask a friend, already in the UK, to make payment for you.
4. Western Union or Moneygram
5. Cash