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English Language Courses in Reading, UK

The Commercial centre of the South of England
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Historical & Cultural Centre
Queen Victoria St. Reading


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Notes: Students from 16 years old +.
Note: Multi-faith peace prayer room – غرفة الصلاة
Notes: No registration / enrolment fee.
Notes: No accommodation ‘finders’ fee.
Notes: No ‘summer supplement’ extra fee.
Notes: No book fee.
“Fair affordable class fees for reasonable, fair students and learners”.
Diary dates: School closed for vacation / holidays.
From 14th April until 24th April 2017 (Easter)
From 19th December 2016 until 9th January 2017 (Christmas)

A friendly, family owned, welcoming traditional English Language School since 1973.

ELC London Street is an English language school based in Reading, Berkshire.  The school was established in 1973.  We have helped many thousands of students for over 40 years progress English for work, study and become more confident in the English language.

More than 30 nationalities have been taught at our Reading location, a global network of former students developed – so the ‘ELC’ experience is a truly international one.

English Language Courses in Reading, UK


‘ELC’ experience for me it has been an amazing experience because I'm confident person when I speak English with people. ‘ELC’ is a friendly school. I recommend ‘ELC’ because I hve learnt a lot, the teachers are very professional. Mr McBurney is a good man.